Jocelyn Riley of Madison, Wisconsin, has been producing videos celebrating women’s history since 1986.  “My approach is to let women tell their own stories in their own words and, in the case of contemporary women, in their own voices,” Riley says.  “I don’t use narrators, pundits, or commentators to tell the audience what to think about what they’re hearing and seeing.  The audience is free to connect their own lives with those of the women in these videos.”

Riley has a B.A. degree from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, and  earned a GCDF (Global Career Development Facilitator) certification from the Center on Education and Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison. 



Write Women Back Into History Award from the National Women’s History Project

Barb Landers Equity Award from the Association for Gender Equity Leadership in Education

Best Videos for Young Adults Award from the American Library Association